We have designed the hail hatch defence cover as a cover that can be taken with you on your travels through storm season. 

The damage that can occur during a hail storm depending on the size of the hail stones can significantly damage the caravan body.

The plastic hatches over the bed, lounge/kitchen area that can be found in many caravan and motorhomes will easily crack with hail stones.

The cover is 900mm in width and 3m in length across the roof and is manufactured using three individual layers. 

Layer 1: External fabric- Silver tarp 

Middle Layer: 2 sheets of 4mm thickness shed insulation 900mm x 900mm 

Lining fabric: Tyveck recreational vehicle fabric made by Dupont 


The rectangular cover has 10m length straps with male and female quick release buckles. The male clips have been inserted into 2 tennis balls. The awning on the caravan or motorhome is wound in the 2 tennis balls, they are thrown over the roof of the RV and back under the chasis. 

Hail defence Rear Windscreen Covers