Cutting Edge Australian Made Asset Protection Covers for your Caravan, Motorhome, RV or Camper Trailer


Our innovative covers are designed for ultimate protection and with your safety in mind:

- All covers can be lifted on to your RV using telescopic poles, eliminating the need to carry fabric up a ladder. 

- Our Hail and Heat defense option gives optimum protection. We use high density industrial shed insulation to cushion against hailstones and reduce radiant heat. 

- Unlike imported covers we use waterproof canvas and industrial grade tarp. This will ensure that your RV will be protected from dust and corrosive bird and bat droppings.

With 15 years of cover manufacturing on the Sunshine Coast and over 40 years of experience in design and canvas work we manufacture your cover to suit your individual requirements.

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We purchased our first Armour Cover in 2010 to fit a caravan that we have recently sold, the old cover went with the van. This cover worked well and maintained the van in great condition. We didn't have any hesitation in ordering another cover for our new van. 


On New Year's Eve 2019 we were hit with a bushfire at our property as was most of the east coast of NSW, there was barely enough time to evacuate people and animals before the fire overran the property, with all of our efforts focused on saving the house which we managed to do. To demonstrate the durability of the Armour Covers, our van was subjected to the initial fire front and then a severe ember attack that followed, with neither the van or cover catching fire. The caravan was not damaged at all and the Armour Cover had several large burn holes from the embers but didn't catch fire, indeed it was in good enough condition to sell with the caravan.


Armour Covers are a great product and we highly recommend them.


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