Heat & Hail Defence Systems

Create the ultimate defence cover for your vehicle

For extra protection, you can customise any Armour Cover to include our Heat & Hail Defence panels. Using a triple-layer manufacturing process, this will shield your vehicle from hail storms and other heavy debris. With our unpredictable climate, don't risk leaving your vehicle out in the intense summer heat or stormy weather.

Customise it your way

These defence systems come in a variety of panel applications that we can build into your Caravan or RV cover during the manufacturing process, giving your vehicle the ultimate shield. Customise it to your preferred level of defence, and add the extra protection on your vehicle's roof, rear, front, driver's side and passenger side.

Triple-Layer Process

During the production stage, we use a triple-layer process to add in the extra Heat & Hail Defence System. This adds an extra 7mm or cushioning into your cover, greatly reducing the impact of hail stones. The protective foam layer also insulates your vehicle, drastically reducing internal heat.


  • Extra defence against rain, hail and sun damage
  • Triple-layer manufacturing process - Heavy-duty Tarpee, protective foam layer, durable Tyvek base
  • 7mm thick cushioning
  • Available in a variety of panel applications, from vehicle roof to rear
  • Heat & Hail Defence system is built into the cover of your choice
  • Greatly reduces impact of hail stones on both aluminium and fibreglass panels
  • Reflective insulation
  • Includes ThermalBrane 4 layer that insulates your vehicle and significantly reduces internal heat

*This hail defence cover has the potential to reduce impact damage from hail. No full guarantee can be offered against damage to any vehicle.

**This product is not sold individually.

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